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Welcome to WikiTranslation! You can request a translation from the community, or help other members by translating their requests.
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About WikiTranslation

Who We Are

WikiTranslation is a group of volunteer translators connected through the Internet. WikiTranslation is based on the wiki idea: it's free, and anyone can contribute. Anybody in the world can request a wiki translation or become a wiki translator.


Let's say you need a translation but can't rely on the untrustworthy machine translations. Solution: submit text to be translated to the WikiTranslation community. The whole online community can then view, edit, and fully translate your text for you. Knowledgeable humans translate your text, not computers. This ensures better quality at no cost.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people around the globe without the barriers of language and cost.


WikiTranslation was created by Edward Yu and Brandon Benton in December of 2010. It is powered by Question2Answer, an open source platform.